About Us

We dedicate ourselves to Service, and we believe that the Development of Human Capital makes a Difference

We are Somni Trading, a dream come true, service oriented and dedicated to being one of the best companies. Somni Trading is dedicated to the distribution of world-renowned brands, specialists in the development of new products and their positioning.

We promote an attitude of personal responsibility, always motivated to work as a team, with the passion to achieve our strategic objectives.

Promoters of Success, we believe in the success of our suppliers and customers, will be our success. We are a company focused on results and good service, we believe that the development of human capital makes a difference.


Specialized in delivery, fulfillment, stock managing, drop shipping, we make sure your merchandise arrives on time, safely and quickly, improving your operating costs and expanding coverage.


Being a successful seller does not depend on just skill, ingenuity or luck. improvised sales without a plan tend to work only in the short term, we have the necessary tools to optimize the execution.


Dedicated to the needs of each of our customers, we study each business and invest in exponentiating what makes them unique in the market, we make consumers know the greatness of each product and how amazing your brand is.


Service of administration and positioning of product and brand. Accelerate sales through our platforms, monitoring the performance of the products 24/7 365 days a year, ensuring 100% coverage of the territory.


We provide complete information on behavior and sales statistics. Everything necessary to measure and analyze in an intelligent and planned way the growth of each product or the entire business.


We know perfectly the business models of the big retail players, we can provide solutions to allow our clients to expand their reach.


Meet our business partners, who have placed their trust in us